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How to build your own tufting frame

Making your own tufting frame can be a great option if you don't want to spend money on a pre-made frame or if you want to customize the size of your frame. Here's how to make your own tufting frame:


  • Four beams of wood, cut to the desired length and width of your frame

  • Wood screws

  • A drill

  • A saw (if you need to cut your wood to size)

  • Carpet grippers

  • clamps

  • Sandpaper


  1. Cut your pieces of wood to the desired length and width of your frame using a saw. Make sure your side pieces are all the same length. The bottom piece can be 5 cm longer on each side. You need this extra lenght to attach the frame to the table with clamps.

  2. Sand down the rough edges of your wood pieces with sandpaper.

  3. Lay two of the side pieces down parallel to each other, and place the top and bottom pieces across them to form a rectangle. Make sure the corners are flush.

  4. Use a drill to make pilot holes for your wood screws at each corner.

  5. Screw the pieces of wood together at each corner, making sure the frame is square and even.

  6. If you're frame appears wonky, you can add angled brackets to make it more sturdy.

  7. Nail carpetgrippers around all the sides of your frame. These will hold your fabric tightly during the tufting process.

  8. Once you've assembled the frame, stretch your base fabric tightly across it, making sure it's evenly distributed.

Your tufting frame is now ready to use! Place it on a table or other flat surface, and start tufting your design! When you're finished with your tufting project, simply remove the fabric and store your frame for future use.

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