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We opened up our tuftingroom to the public! Do you already know how to tuft, but you don't have enough space in your own house? We got you! At Shaggies you can now rent the room and work on your own tufting projects! We offer the guns, the fabric and the wool. All you need to do tuft! 

If you've visited one of our workshops, you now know everything there is to know about the art of rugmaking. If you still have some questions, Noor will be around in the shop to help you with whatever you need. However, if you haven't been to our workshop just yet, we recommend you to book a workshop first before you book the workroom so you know how to operate our machines. Safety first, y'all!.

More information:

- You will use the same frame as used in the workshop (a2 size) 

- You will be able to use our: 

  • Frame

  • Tufting guns

  • Acrylic yarn

  • Cotton/Polyester Monks cloth

  • Carpet Clippers

  • Glue

- There is a minimum of three hours for your booking. Make sure you finish your project so the frame can be used by somebody else the next day.

- Please clean up your station after you are done with your design

- After tufting, you will take home a little jar of glue to finish your rug at home.


- 3 hours: 40 euros 

- every extra hour: 10 euros 

Includes coffee and tea!