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Welcome to Shaggies Amsterdam. What are Shaggies you say? 

You can call them rugs, or wall rugs, or maybe just cuddly pieces of art! Most of all, they are soft, you can walk on them, and look at them. They spice up your interior and give it just a little extra hint of uniqueness. 


But what's the story behind Shaggies?

As all of you know, the world imploded during the last couple of years. People were forced to sit at home and started to pick up new hobbies. So did our founder, Noor. She started to draw, then illustrate, then paint, then tried out embroidery, to eventually end up on the path of Tufting. And what an amazing destination it was!


It takes tools, and a little bit of time, but when you get the hang of it, it is the most amazing thing you will ever learn to do. And we are very happy to teach it to you!


Are you interested in following our workshop, or are you just looking around for a cuddly piece of art? Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


I hope you love tufted rugs as much as we do!


What is Tufting?


Tufting is the process of passing a thread through a primary base material. Primarily used to make rugs, its uses are limited to your imagination. Other common uses include pillows, art pieces, and clothing. There are two finishing methods, cut and loop pile. Tufting machines work by using a mechanical needle to push the yarn through a tufting cloth. Once through, the machine either cuts the yarn or it leaves in a loop. The result is two different finishing styles. 

To start tufting you need a tufting gun, tufting cloth (monk's cloth), yarn, backing fabric, carpet adhesive, hot glue and a tufting frame. A lot of tools, but once you have them all, you will not regret it!!




- Are your rugs for sale?

All the rugs on this website are for sale. If you've seen a rug you like, but it is already sold, please don't hesitate to message us and we'll see if there's a possibility to make something similar.  

- Do you work commissions, or do you just make your own designs?

Shaggies does work on a commissioned base as well! Would you like a rug for your house, your company, or as a gift for somebody else? We are happy to help! 

- Which machine do you prefer?

To make our Shaggies, we use both the cut pile and the loop gun. With these two guns we can implement different techniques that give our rugs this unique look and feel!

- Where do you get your supplies?

Contact us for a list of links to all our suppliers. 

- Are the workshops in Dutch or English?

The tufting teacher speaks Dutch and English. It depends on the language of the students, but if there is an English speaking person joining the class, the used language will change to English. 

- How do I build a tufting frame?

Contact us for more info on how to build your own tufting frame.

- is there a warranty on the supplies?

We have a half year warranty on the tufting guns.

Contact us for more answers to your questions!

Shipping & returns

Shipping & Returns


All the Shaggies will be shipped with the delivery service PostNL.

Netherlands = 2- 3 working days

Europe = 5 -10 working days

United Kingdom = 5 -10 working days

United States = 5 -13 working days

Australia = 11- 20 working days

For more information click here. 


You may return your product within 14 days (if not used). Unfortunately, the costs of return can not be reimbursed. 

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