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- Are your rugs for sale?

All the rugs on this website are for sale. If you've seen a rug you like, but it is already sold, please don't hesitate to message us and we'll see if there's a possibility to make something similar.  

- Do you work commissions, or do you just make your own designs?

Shaggies does work on a commissioned base as well! Would you like a rug for your house, your company, or as a gift for somebody else? We are happy to help! 

- Is there a warranty on the supplies?

Yes, there is a warranty on our tufting guns. The warranty period is six months. If the gun is not fixable within this time frame, we provide a new one.

- What is the delivery time for the products on your webshop?

All the Shaggies will be shipped with the delivery service PostNL.

Netherlands = 2- 3 working days

Europe = 5 -10 working days

United Kingdom = 5 -10 working days

United States = 5 -13 working days

Australia = 11- 20 working days

For more information click here. 


You may return your product within 14 days (if not used). Unfortunately, the costs of return can not be reimbursed. 


- Which machines do you use?

To make our Shaggies rugs, we use the cut pile and the long cut pile gun. With these two guns we can implement different techniques that give our rugs this unique look and feel. Additionally, please note that during the day workshops, participants have access to both machines, while in the evening workshops, only the cut pile machine is available. In crafting our Shaggies rugs, we utilize both the cut pile and loop guns, employing various techniques to achieve the distinctive look and feel that sets our rugs apart.

- Where do you get your supplies?

We've dedicated years to sourcing the highest quality products for our customers. While we don't disclose our specific suppliers, we do offer wholesale options for bulk orders. If you're interested in placing a wholesale order, please contact us directly, and we'll be happy to discuss the options available.

- Are the workshops in Dutch or English?

Our tufting instructors are proficient in both Dutch and English. The language used in the class will depend on the students' preferences. If there are English-speaking participants, the instruction will seamlessly transition to English.

- How do I build a tufting frame?

Contact us for more info on how to build your own tufting frame.

- How big is the design we can make in a workshop?

During the day workshop, we utilize a frame suitable for an A2 design, with your specific design measuring 40 x 50 cm. Conversely, for the evening workshop, we use an A3 frame, and your design will be 30 x 40 cm in size.

- What's the difference between an evening workshop and a day workshop?

In addition to the difference in frame sizes, the evening workshop also features a more streamlined color palette and a shorter duration. Due to the limited time, designs for the evening workshop should be more simplified to ensure completion within the allotted timeframe. On the other hand, the day workshop includes a lunch break, providing participants with a more leisurely pace to explore their creativity with the larger frame and a broader range of colors.

- Can I frame my rug?

Yes, you can frame your rug! I will explain how you can do this in the workshop. If you like to buy the frame beforehand, make sure it is about 40 x 50 cms big and that it is deep-set. This frame works if you take the glass out:

- Can I use different pile heights? 

The AK-1 and AK-2 tufting guns offer adjustable pile heights, yet in our workshops, we refrain from altering the pile height due to the considerable difficulty in making these adjustments. The potential variation achievable is limited to 1.4 cm. If you aim to introduce texture differences in your design, the AK-1 and AK-2 can still be used effectively. It's worth noting that the intricate rugs with substantial height variations often seen online are typically crafted using an AK-3 (which operates on an air compressor) or with the assistance of a punch needle.

- Do you have a cancellation policy?

If you can't make it to the workshop, please let us know as soon as possible.

We currently offer a full refund if you cancel 7 days before your workshop date. If you cancel later, we can't refund your workshop, unfortunately. 

The best way would be to find a friend to replace your spot and email us their contact details.

- What's the minimum age for a tufting workshop? 
The minimum age requirement for our tufting workshops is 12 years old. This restriction is in place primarily due to the use of heavy machinery and the importance of maintaining a safe workshop environment. The machinery involved requires a level of responsibility and understanding that aligns with the capabilities of participants aged 12 and above. Our priority is to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for all attendees, and adhering to the age requirement contributes to the overall safety of the workshop.

- Can i book for a group/ or a team?

Shaggies is happy to provide you with exclusive team-building workshops! Contact us with the amount of people, the activity you'd like to do, and when we can make this happen! The maximum amount of people in our studio is 8 people. Shaggies can also come to you! 

Workshop design

Did you book a workshop? That's awesome, you are going to create your own masterpiece! If you're curious about the possibilities and specifications of your workshop design, take a look here.

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