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We are turning Shaggies into a MAKERSPACE! Opening it up to creatives who are looking for a place to work on their own creations!

What is Shaggies Amsterdam

Shaggies Amsterdam is a creative space where makers come together to create. It is an environment where we help other creators by giving them a platform to learn new skills, to showcase their art and products and to give them a space where they can work on their own creative businesses. Our products are made by local designers that work either in the Shaggies space or are affiliated to Shaggies Amsterdam.


We strive to:

  1. Create a safe space for creative entrepreneurs

  2. Be a space where people come to learn new skills

  3. Be a platform for creators to showcase and sell their products

  4. Create a community in which we help each other to grow creatively and professionally. It’s all good fun, but profit is preferred.

Are you a creative looking for a space to work? look no further! Join our Makerspace and become part of our cute and little creative community!

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The space:

  1. The Workshop space: we offer a 20 m2 space for creative workshops. Currently we are organizing weekly tufting workshops (max 9 people), embroidery workshops and upcycling workshops. Weekly we have around 12 people visiting our workshops.

  2. The shop: Shaggies offers a 12 m2 shopfront to showcase and sell handmade goods and art. We sell handmade rugs, bags, pillows, throw blankets, prints, cards and much more.

  3. The werkroom (Yes, it’s a RuPaul reference): We offer a 20m2 studiospace for a maximum of three artists/designers. There are three desks, (a little bar to unwind),  and storagespace for all your supplies.

  4. The webshop: Shaggies will become fully digital as well. The webshop is currently selling workshops and tufting supplies, but will become a platform for our products as well in the near future.

  5. A garden: Currently it’s messy. We need your help.


Interested? Please contact Noor at

or send us a message through the contactform below.

Can't wait for you to join our mission!

My name is Noor (29) and I live in Amsterdam. Two years ago, I quit my job to become a full-time artist and designer. I had dreams, I had hopes, I had a vision. But no money. As I looked for ‘how to make money quickly' on YouTube, I noticed something in the corner of my screen. What the hell is that? It was mesmerizing. It was magical. It was faith. Days turned into nights, nights into weeks, my eyes permanently locked on the screen. I need to learn this, I thought. This will be my craft. What was it, you ask?


It was tufting! The one and only gorgeous fluffy art of rug making.


It reawakened my love for textiles. I ordered all the supplies, made about a thousand rugs, built a website and sold my first rug. Shaggies Amsterdam, was born. The rush of it all. I still get chills. But I couldn’t possibly keep this craft to myself (and about 1 million TikTok users obsessing over rugs). In December 2021 we’ve opened the first Tufting Space in Amsterdam. Ten months later we’ve welcomed over 250 new tufters and are invited to host workshops all over the country (and England wow).


The tufting community keeps growing, visitors network and become friends, and some even work together now. Like a proud momma bear it gives me the energy to invest in creating this community, and share it with others. Reborn: Shaggies Amsterdam, The Makerspace.


Memberships & Partnerships


Shop Vendor: Showcase and sell your stuff in our shop. All the profit goes to you! No percentage for us. We do select the products to make sure it fits with the vibe of Shaggies. 

- €50,- 


Studio regular:  50% discounts on workshops and rent the space  for max 10 hours a month. You can also rent all our supplies and get all the advice you need on using our materials. 

- €100,-


Studio member: Welcome to the family! One of the desks in The Werkroom is all yours. You become a shop member and you can host your own workshops in our room downstairs! Availability You will become part of Digital webshop and get 24/7 access to your own space. 

- €300,-


Extra benefits:

  • 100% cuddling access to our Shaggies dog Sully

  • Our neighbor is a pizzeria. Need I say more?

  • Gardening options

  • Across from Kef. (Amazing cheese shop)

  • Very sweet customers

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